Professional Sew-Ware

Professional Sew-Ware 2.00

Develops, modifies and manages designs for embroidery
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Expand the capabilities of the QUANTUM XL series of embroidery machines. Create and customize designs, customize multiple templates along with a toolset for manual generation and resizing of patterns and elements. The program has multiple formats for saving project files.

Professional Sew-Ware™ (PSW) is a state-of-the-art embroidery software from SINGER®. It works with your personal computer to expand the already outstanding capabilities of QUANTUM® XL series of embroidery machines.
Main features include:
- Easy, three-step design digitizing
- 525 built-in designs and 49 built-in fonts
- 20 lettering frames for customized fonts
- 160 built-in stitch types including appliqué and cross stitch
- Compatible with multiple design files and formats

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